Seeking information on 06/06/2023 Huguenot High School Graduation Shooting in Richmond, Virginia.

On June 6th, 2023, at approximately 5:15 p.m., a shooting occurred at the Huguenot High School graduation ceremony located in the vicinity of the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) campus in Richmond, Virginia, that resulted in multiple deaths and injuries. The shooting began in the area of Monroe Park and the VCU Altria Theater in Richmond. The Richmond Police Department and the FBI are requesting that anyone with video footage of, or social media information related to, the shooting upload that information to the following website:

Information and/or description of files you are uploading (location, time, etc.)

Note: File size may not exceed 5000 megabytes (mb). If a file exceeds this limit, please call 1-800-CALL-FBI(1-800-225-5324) for additional instructions. You are limited to uploading 4 files.

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